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July 19, 2017

A trend amongst multiple news outlets within multiple areas are seeing a trend in gas leaks; there’s more of them happening. Many are caused by accidents and unforeseen circumstances—where as others are due to older gas mains, as they will wear out over time. Despite this occurring in different places with different circumstances, the one commonality is it isn’t being talked about enough. We see small headlines with a brief synopsis of the situation, but no one is talking about prevention and solution. No one really talks about the professionals who can fix the problem, the first respondents who are there in case of an emergency situation or the suppliers who create products to ensure everyone can do their job safely and in turn provide safe homes and cities for the population.

November 2016

Two vehicles collided, with one spiraling into a home, severing a natural gas line. Police was immediately on the scene, controlling the accident and evacuating nearby homes. Utility crews contained the leak and repaired the severed line.

— Kitchener Ontario

November 2016

An under the influence driver crashed into a home, causing a gas leak within the house. Troy Police on the scene assisted in evacuating the three residents and their three dogs within the home. At 3:35 am utility crews were working to shut off the line.

— Tipp City

December 2016

Firefighters and police officers blocked roads and redirected traffic while a local gas service company repaired a leak. This was caused by a car reversing down a small alley and clipped the gas line. A nearby theatre had people exciting, but they were prohibited from retrieving their vehicles by first responders.

— Salina

Skilled and trained professionals should be the only ones repairing gas leaks in any given situation. With the proper equipment, knowledge and experience they will be able to correct the problem safely and efficiently.



An ideal solution for emergency situations—The Remote Hydraulic Squeeze Off Tool from Footage Tools. The aforementioned tool is designed to control gas line breaks and distribution lines. Its ability to pivot and extendable handle provides the operator with a safe working environment. For more information on how our tools can safely and efficiently get the job done visit our products page, send us an email or give us a call!

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