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Tools that earn their keep.

For 40 years, Footage Tools have led the way with innovative products. We continue to produce tough, lightweight, easy to use tools that deliver first-day strength, year after year.

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Engineered by experts. Milled to last.

40 Years of Trust

Tools that earn their keep.

For 40 years, Footage Tools have led the way in innovative service line products. We produce tough, lightweight machines that deliver first-day strength, year after year.

Trusted all over the world - International Clientele

Deployed on work sites all over the world.


Footage began its story long before 1982 as a division of Cliffside Pipelayers (originally Aecon Utilities), a utility construction company laying groundwork for Canada's future. With the growing complexity of underground utility projects pushing equipment to its limits, an opportunity was presented to service not only Aecon, but other underground construction contractors and utilities. In 1982, Aecon's repair and tooling division decided to incorporate as Footage Tools Inc. and take on the underground infrastructure market with one purpose: crafting world class tools to help build the mission critical infrastructure of tomorrow. A purpose that holds true today.


The arrival of a brilliant engineer with a talent for innovative designs, Cliff Thompson, joined Footage and began to help the company expand its product offerings. Footage’s engineers continuously improved the squeeze off tool’s all-round performance, making it lighter, safer and easier to use with each iteration. With cutting-edge flagship products and a foray into new markets, Footage positioned itself to become an industry leader in underground infrastructure tools.


Footage Tools continued to transform with new leaders at the helm. Dan Ferguson, a sales visionary and relationship builder, who introduced Footage to new markets, and Nigel Burbidge, a manufacturing expert who helped build Footage’s unshakeable production joined forces to take on leadership of the company. Under their combined leadership, the distribution network expanded globally, making Footage Tools a must-have on job sites worldwide. This propelled the company towards a bright future.


40 years later, Footage Tools has solidified its presence as a market leader in underground infrastructure tools, with its squeeze-off tools as a cornerstone, perfected with over 40 years of continuous improvement. Footage Tools’ reputation for being strong, safe, reliable and long-lasting quality tools proliferates through the industry.

2020 - 2023

Footage divests of non-core equipment to invest in equipment focused solely on manufacturing its core products.


Footage Tools continues to invest in its future, investing in its team, infrastructure, and equipment. Footage debuts a bold new look to reflect its continued commitment to quality and innovation in underground infrastructure solutions The positive word of mouth continues to travel globally to bolster the company’s position as the industry leader in manufacturing underground infrastructure tools.

The squeeze off tool’s evolution

The Team

Footage Tools' journey wouldn't be possible without the incredible team and the passion that brings everything together. For over four decades, it has been the Footage family that has driven our success. We deeply value our current and past employees, whose dedication and care have made us who we are today.

Together, the all-star team (past and present) at Footage Tools navigated challenges, embraced opportunities and enabled the company to achieve its promise of conquering underground infrastructure work.​

Footage Tool’s rich history is one of dedication, passion and a relentless drive to make underground utility construction & infrastructure safer and more reliable.

A legacy of reliable tools, over 40 years strong.

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ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Every Footage Tool has to pass rigorous quality and safety tests to get to work sites around the planet. Compliant with ISO 9001:2015 standards, Footage Tools’ consistent manufacturing provides for greater reliability.

Industry Alliance Member

Footage serves as a member of the PE Alliance, American Gas Association, American Waterworks Association, Utility Contractors Association of Ontario, MEA Energy Association, Northeast Gas Association, Louisiana Gas Association, NASTT and Canadian Gas Association.

Trusted Globally

Footage Tools are trusted by crews globally because they’re built with rigorous safety standards so our customers can rely on what they buy.

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