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Reel Lifter

Home > Utility Tools > Reel Lifter

Reel Lifter

Footage Tools reel lifter is designed for telephone, hydro and fiber-optic cable handling
  • Engineered to lift loads up to 5,000 lbs (2273 kg)
  • Heavy duty tapered roller bearings allow maximum load for swiveling without damage to the lifter
  • Simple to operate!
  • Rugged one piece construction


5,000 lbs (2273 kg) 28 lbs (12.7 kg) 32″ (81.2 cm)

SAT Machine

Precision saddle fusion system for 1-1/4″ to 6” polyethylene natural gas mains.

PE Pipe Pullers

Manufactured from solid stress proof material on CNC equipment, all pipe pullers feature sharply tapered buttress type threads making insertion of the puller quick and simple.

Leak Detector

Leak Detector detects minute leaks in lines, tanks or vessels quickly and easily.

A400 – Alignment Clamp

Designed to handle the rigors of coiled pipe, our 2”-4” Alignment clamp manufactured from aircraft grade aluminum offers a straight, 45 and 90 degree positions.

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