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Introducing our BIG SHOT 3″ Underground Piercing Tool

May 6, 2024

Revolutionizing Underground Construction: 

Footage Tools introduces our BIG SHOT 3″ Active Head Underground Piercing Tool

For over 25 years, we’ve taken pride in our legacy producing the renowned BIGSHOT pneumatic underground piercing tool line. Our tools are renowned for their hard-hitting durability, efficiency, serviceability, and ability to tackle the toughest underground challenges. Today, we are thrilled to unveil our latest innovation, the: 3″ Active Head BIGSHOT Underground Piercing Tool.


A Leap Forward in Trenchless Technology

After five years of intensive research, development, and rigorous testing, we have created a groundbreaking trenchless technology tool designed to revolutionize underground construction. The 3″ Active Head BIGSHOT represents a significant advancement in our product lineup, featuring a cutting-edge reciprocating head design that provides unmatched precision and versatility.

The introduction of the active head sets our new tool apart from traditional BIGSHOT underground piercing tools with fixed heads. This innovative design is built for exceptional performance in challenging hard soil environments. Our engineers have prioritized serviceability, ensuring operators can minimize downtime and maximize productivity, safeguarding our customers tool fleet investment.


Exceptional Durability and Quality

Quality is at the forefront of our design and product philosophy. Manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility in Ontario, Canada, utilizing leading-edge CNC machining equipment and premium materials, our pneumatic piercing tool is built to withstand the rigors of underground environment.  Our BIGSHOT barrels are bored from solid steel and undergo our proprietary deep-hole drilling process, ensuring unparallelled quality. To reduce piston corrosion, our pistons are phosphate coated to provide a long life. Every component undergoes meticulous testing and inspection to uphold our commitment of product excellence.

Enhanced Performance in Hard Soil Applications

Our BIGSHOT line is designed to meet the demands of diverse industries including: fiber, natural gas, electrical, water, and sewer. Our 3″ Active Head BIGSHOT excels in a wide range of applications and brings a new edge for Footage in hard soil conditions. Now, whether you’re navigating through soft soil, rocky terrain, compacted soils, Footage will have a solution that delivers consistent performance and reliability.

Our Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

At Footage Tools, we understand the importance of delivering not only superior products but also exceptional customer service. Our team of experts are dedicated to providing comprehensive support and assistance to our valued customers, from product selection to after-sales service. We stand behind our products and are committed to ensuring your satisfaction every step of the way.

Join us as we usher in a new era of trenchless technology with the Footage Tools 3” Active Head BIGSHOT Underground Piercing Tool. Contact us today to learn more about this product and discover how it can transform your underground construction projects. 

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