‘Big Shot’ Underground Piercing Tools Troubleshooting
The use of piercing tools has been an easy-to-use and cost-effective alternative to trenching for the past century. They are an ideal tool to use in the installation of utilities under existing landscapes and structures. Footage Tools’ pneumatic piercing tool the ‘Big Shot’ creates a compact hole that will allow contractors to install underground water, […]
Gas leaks becoming a common news headline
A trend amongst multiple news outlets within multiple areas, are seeing a trend in gas leaks; there’s more of them happening. Many are caused by accidents and unforeseen circumstances—where as others are due to older gas mains, as they will wear out over time.
New Tool Helps Worker Safety
When South Carolina Electric & Gas Co. began searching for an effective small-diameter PE squeeze-off and repair tool it went north—way north—to the manufacturing facilities of Footage Tools in Toronto, Canada.
Pe Puller

Pe pipe pullers

  • Threaded Pipe Pullers

    • Footage Tools’ PE pipe pullers have been engineered to pull MDPE/HDPE pipe and tubing in use with directional drilling, pneumatic piercing tools, rod pushers etc.
    • Manufactured from solid stress proof material on CNC equipment, all pipe pullers feature sharp tapered buttress type threads making insertion of the puller quick and simple.
    • Pipe Pullers screw directly into the end of the pipe. A unique double start buttress thread permits faster insertion in 1-1/4″ and larger pipes when compared to single start pullers.
    • Each pipe puller features a heavy duty swivel, which enables the pipe or bore rods to rotate freely during the pulling operation. These PE pipe pullers accept most common SDR ratings (SDR 9 to 13.5).
    • Models are available in sizes 1/2″ CTS through 2 ” IPS.
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